Klop : Great outdoor family game

Move over cricket bat, stay at home football, Klop is taking over as the new outdoor game of choice for Aussies. Klop is a way-too-much-fun log tossing game from Finland. It’s highly addictive and 1000 shades of awesomeness!

The rules are simple. The aim of the game is to be the first player to score exactly 50 points. Set the pegs standing up in a bunch and mark a line about 4m away. Take turns to throw the chuck underarm at the pegs. If more than one peg is knocked over, you score 1 point for each peg knocked over. If a single peg is knocked over, you score the number on that peg. If no pegs are hit, you score a strike. Stand the pegs up where they fall.

Legend has it that this game originated in the Carelia area near the Finnish-Russian border. Woodsmen would carve the blocks from the birch forests and fling them around erratically. The sound of the blocks hitting each other is believed to have kept the hungry bears at bay.
Klop is the perfect game to take to your next pic-nic or barbie. Anyone with arms can play it and it certainly goes well with the odd snag or swig of your favourite beverage. Pretty soon no outdoor gathering will feel complete without a bit of Klop tossing!

If you discover you are a pretty good at Klop, you may be interested to know that the National Klop Championships are held in Melbourne each year. That’s right, there’s a championship event folks! In Feb 2009 Richard Watson out-tossed 80 other hopefuls to take the title in the inaugural Championship. The second Klop Championship went to Englishman, Richard Duerden, in December 2009. His assassin like accuracy was a force to be reckoned with! Will you be a contender on November 20th, 2010?

To find a Klop stockist or to buy Klop online go to www.klop.com.au. Klop costs $60 plus postage. Go get klopping today!

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